Shakespeare Insult Wood Coasters

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These humorous Shakespeare Insult coasters are lasercut out of premium cherry wood and measure 4×4 inches round. Insult your friends while you serve them drinks with four different scurrilous Shakespeare quotes in every set. With the laminate covering, the wood is protected for long use and small felt pads on the bottom keep the coaster from sticking to you glass.

Each coaster is lasercut in my Austin, Tx studio. The spacious size allow the largest of your glassware to fit easily. They arrive in a small box, perfect for gift giving. The four different Shakespeare Insults included are:

+ I was seeking for a fool when I found you – As You Like It
+ You scullion You rampallian You fustilarian I’ll tickle your catastrophe – Henry IV
+ How now you secret black and midnight hag – MacBeth
+ Why thou claybrained guts thou knotty-pated fool – Henry IV

So go ahead and insult your friends in the classiest way, with Shakespeare! Don’t be afraid to let your nerd flag fly and never settle for accessories that are less witty than you are.

Coaster Set Details:
– One of each design in every set
– 1/4″ thick laminate cherry wood
– felt pads on back
– 4 x 4 in circle coasters
– packaged in clear box
– Handmade in Austin, Tx

Please note that since I use real cherry wood there will be slight variations in wood color and patterns. Each piece of wood is carefully inspected cleaned post lasercutting to ensure a quality cut and product.